Content of classes

Share&Support Pole Starters

During the Share&Support Pole Starters, we’ll teach you the basic pole techniques. Safety and fun are paramount. You’ll find your own limits with the guidance of our teachers.

Power pole (Core/upper body/handgrips/leg grips/request) 

During the Power Pole Class, we’ll study the advanced (power) pole techniques. Power, balance, and control are the main focus. you can choose a class in which you want to develop. The classes are divided into muscle groups.

Aerial Hoop

During the Aerial hoop classes, you’ll hang and sit in the hoop. The lesson begins with learning techniques and then we get started with a choreography. It’s advised to wear long pants or leg warmers. During this class, you’ll work on your flexibility and strength with the hoop as an attribute

Aerial Dance

During the Aerial Dance class, you use a hammock and gravity to fly.

Power Stretch Yoga Flow

Various forms of yoga have been combined with the power stretch yoga flow. Combined with Vinyasa Anicha yoga, the base is in the hatha yoga developed by monks who want their body fit and vital for meditation.